GECKO Wall Systems


Gecko Wall System

Gecko Wall SystemsTM We have four innovative wall panel fixing systems; Gecko DL, Gecko PRO, Gecko Z, and  These systems can be used together to greatly simplify interior 

panel installation, reduce time, cost and install without the need for specialized labor.  Gecko takes the hassle out of interior panels.   

GWS is the most-specified independent wall lining system in the US and Canada.

Gecko DL

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Gecko DL The original Gecko system

Sunshore Development leads the way forward with The Gecko Wall SystemTM for mounting solid phenolic panels, HDPE, and other wall panel materials.  


  1. -100% intuitive system, simple installation for self-install
  2. -Greatest accommodation of movement of any system
  3. -Individually demountable panels
  4. -Reduced hardware cost over other systems
  5. -zero lift-off