Gecko Wall System

Our History

1994- The first veneer solid surface material, Estate®, sold today in Home Depot and Lowes stores under various brands.  We successfully developed this product line from scratch, accomplished nationwide distribution, and sold it to a private investment group in 2001.

2006- Created the first flexible stone veneer, in-part jointly developed with the Dow Building Solutions® team. We successfully innovated and sold this business to a Dow-affiliated private investment group in 2008 where work continues to this day.

2009- The first independent wall panel fixing system, and the first new such system for over forty years, Gecko Wall Systems.

The Gecko Team

Sunshore Development Partners operates out of offices in Bloomfield Hills and a manufacturing and distribution center in Northville, Michigan.   Formed by Robert Bordener with Dick Cantley joining shortly thereafter, SDPI is currently the top innovator and growth leader in wall panel fixing systems for phenolic and composite panels.

Gecko Wall Systems is available in all 50 States and all Provinces of Canada with currently over 100 top salespersons representing our products.  Our focus, innovation, and dedication have allowed us to partner with the very best sales and distribution partners in the industry.  See our contact page for a complete listing. 

With four wall systems and a ceiling system, Gecko represents the most innovative line of wall panel systems available anywhere, for any price.  Gecko represents the most innovative, most affordable and most-specified independent wall panel fixing system available.  

Professional History of Robert Bordener

2009      Founded Sunshore Development Partners

Company created to research and develop new architectural hardware opportunities

Collaborated with panel manufacturers to develop ideal systems 

Project funded by panel manufacturers and Sunshore 

Performed all product engineering, managed testing, communication with manufacturers

Launched systems with full suite of engineering data and product documents

Multiple patents pending

Industry first “no z-clip” design on Gecko DL and Gecko PRO

First panel system with forgiving movement allowance, greatly alleviating installation issues

Developed A-grade distribution partners

2006       Founded BEL, Inc.

Created revolutionary new surfacing technology using flakes of actual stone in a polymer veneer

Developed source materials for new technology

Developed and wrote patents for first new pigmenting technology in over 20 years

Created company and brought in resources in Midland, MI

Worked jointly with Dow Building solutions group beginning in 2006 to further technology

Negotiated business sale to Dow-affiliated private investment group

Authored numerous patents on stone veneer technology

2001       Co - Founded Mar-Que General Contractors North LLC

Managed regional general contracting company branch office

Responsible for and directly managed all facets of operations

Ran the most profitable division in corporate group (by margin and dollars)

Trained and supervised all other Regional Managers after first year of operations

Lead contact on large account opportunities for other offices

1994      Founded Korstone LLC

Created company to develop and manufacture the world’s first veneer solid surface products

Designed product, developed new advanced mold designs, and new manufacturing processes

Reduced mold cycle time from industry standard 2 hours to less than 10 minutes

Grew company to over 40 employees with national distribution with The Home Depot and Lowes

Sold business to private investment company

Wrote and was awarded 10 patents on solid surface veneer, mold design, and manufacturing



Gecko Wall System

Gecko Wall Systems We have three innovative wall panel fixing systems; Gecko DL, Gecko PRO, Gecko Z, and Gecko UltraWall.  These systems can be used together to greatly simplify interior panel installation, reduce time, cost and install without the need for specialized labor.  Gecko takes the hassle out of interior panels.   

GWS is the most-specified independent wall lining system in the US and Canada.


Gecko DL

Gecko DL for the most intuitive (“Velcro-type”) installation with no prior experience required. Panels are cut to size, sanded smooth and set in place. 


Gecko Pro

Gecko PRO is a new type of progressive system with variable reveal width, is able to absorb 1/16” + of movement per panel.  PRO features the fastest installation of any progressive system.


Gecko Z

Gecko Z is an innovative new Z-Clip-type system with greatly simplified installation to reduce cost, reduce installation time, and to help allow creative panel patterns.