Gecko Wall SystemsTM We have four innovative wall panel fixing systems; Gecko DL, Gecko PRO, Gecko Z, and Gecko UltraWall.  These systems can be used together to greatly simplify interior panel installation, reduce time, cost and install without the need for specialized labor.  Gecko takes the hassle out of interior panels.   

GWS is the most-specified independent wall lining system in the US and Canada.

Gecko DLTM for the most intuitive (“Velcro-type”) installation with no prior experience required. Panels are cut to size, sanded smooth and set in place.

Gecko ZTM is an innovative new Z-Clip-type system with greatly simplified installation to reduce cost, reduce installation time, and to help allow creative panel patterns.

Gecko PROTM is a new type of progressive system with variable reveal width, is able to absorb 1/16” + of movement per panel.  PRO features the fastest installation of any progressive system.

Gecko UltraWallTM is a new kind of system with the appearance of traditional system it installs using a “glue-up” method at less than half the cost.


Featured in :

* Major Retailers *Convenience Stores

*Airports * Hotels *Schools